Service Policy

How we service our customers:
You have made the right choice to work with Sherlock Data Recovery Services. Each submitted case starts with an evaluation, and all billed work is done with a guarantee of a no files – no data recovery charge promise. From start to end, we provide quality service and successful recoveries.

An Evaluation:
Sherlock Data Recovery Services’ evaluation includes a diagnostic of the problem media and an accurate price-quote for recovery. Sherlock Data Recovery Services will determine if there is a potential for recovery and what a successful recovery will cost you. Only you know how very valuable your data is.

No Files – No Recovery Charge:
Recovery charges are only applicable when the requested recovery work is successful. If there are no files recovered, no recovery fee is charged. If there is a partial recovery, you decide to either accept the recovery as presented for the quoted price or decline the recovery with no recovery fee charged. However, there is a diagnostic fee which is refundable upon a successful data recovery. All agreed upon data recovery work is final. No returns or cancellations are allowed.

Data Guarantee:
It is not uncommon in this industry for desperate clients to pay large amounts of money only to get back unrecoverable drives or completely invalid, unusable or corrupted data. If an accepted recovery is not as promised, Sherlock Data Recovery Services Data Recovery Labs will, at its option, attempt to rectify the recovery or refund all or part of the recovery fees paid.

Quality Policy:
We have made a commitment to our customers and ourselves to provide the best data recovery service possible.
Here’s our commitment:

  • 100% recovery of the data that our clients require;
  • On time delivery of recovered data;
  • Customer acceptance of recovered data as valid and usable, in accordance with the contract;
  • Client communication always available throughout the recovery process;
  • Meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

Data Retention Policy:
Upon all successful data recoveries Sherlock Data Recovery will hold a copy of your data for a two week(14 day) period at no additional charge. Afterward the data will be destroyed therefore customers must check all their recovered data prior to the 15th day of retention. If longer retention is required then ask about our extended retention services available for a reasonable fee.

Equipment Storage Policy:
Any equipment not being serviced that has been left on our premises more than two weeks will be subject to a storage fee of $30 per month. If payment is not received within 30 days from the date of receipt of such equipment storage invoice, the equipment specified in the invoice will be discarded.