Ephraim at Sherlock Data Recovery has done a great job on helping me recover the data that got lost when I unwittingly erased the hard drive while re-installing the operating system on my PC. Though his communication skills may not be as polished as some might like, the fact is that he got the job done for a competitive price and has followed up with me to ensure that the job has been satisfactory. Importantly, he worked quickly and was available after-hours to ensure timely delivery of the job.

– Kate Green

Yesterday best buy referred me to Sherlockdatarecovery.com and Ephraim was so hopeful. He was able to recover all the data from the video shoot for Fabolous. I was able to pick it up early this Sunday morning. Special thanks to Ephraim Hirshberg at sherlockdatarecovery.com

– Ian “Mills” Miller

Sherlock data recovery really saved the day. Ephraim was so helpful in helping us restore our data from a film shoot from a hard drive that died on us. We brought him the drive and everything was saved the next day. Special thanks from the staff at best buy for referring him. Ephraim Hirshberg, from ‘sherlockdatarecovery.com’, is wonderful! After a loss of a few gigabytes of audio from a shoot, I thought that all hope was lost. But like an angel of technical mercy, he saved enough files to save my film. Many thanks, and while I hopefully will not have to be back for his services, I would always make him my first call.

– Jordan Cooke, NY

Sherlock Data Recovery was wonderful! He retrieved 100% of my 425 GBs of data in a swift and timely manner. I do not know what I would have done if I had lost 3years of my life work. I would recommend him to anyone. He was able to accomplish what Geek Squad was unable to do.

– Ben Marxen, Brooklyn, NY, Fine Artist

On February 9 my Sony VAIO desktop, purchased less than one year ago, stopped working altogether; it contained a large number of files desperately needed to meet a publishing deadline, with no backup. My first call was to the manufacturer, Sony, which does not offer data recovery, even under warranty. Sony referred me to Drive Savers, a lab in California that estimated a cost of $12,000 – plus whatever additional time and money it would cost me for coast- to-coast shipping in both directions.

My next call was to J&R Customer Service. Your representative recommended Atomic Bytes at 500A East 87th Street (212-249-9888). The engineer, Mr. Ephraim Hirshberg, found the time to meet with me immediately, inspect the computer, and give me a written estimate of his total cost for recovery — significantly more economical and affordable than the price quoted by the West Coast lab.

Mr. Hirshberg finished the job precisely as promised, in six days. Throughout my ordeal he was very reassuring and congenial. Best of all, he saved my neck (as the slang saying goes) following complete failure of a linked pair of complicated internal hard drives (RAID 0 configuration).

So I wanted you to know that I’m grateful for this referral and hope you will not hesitate to send additional data-recovery cases to Ephraim Hirshberg c/o Atomic Bytes. You’re welcome to question me further concerning this happy experience.

– Robert Paul Molay

I’m a graduate student at Columbia who recently lost all my data on my external hard drive. I went to several places including CompUSA, Circuit City, Best Buy (Geek Squad), Staples and was told at each place that my data was unrecoverable. Fortunately, two of them referred me to Ephiraim Hirshberg. He was able to recover all my data at a very reasonable price, and I’m very grateful. His work was also very prompt, and I had all of my data within the next day of dropping off my external hard drive. I wish I’d been able to avoid the hassle of going to all the other places and had come here first.

– Lindsay Weiss, NY

After several unsuccessful attempts were made in your shop to retrieve my hard drive data, one of year staff members, mentioned Atomic Bytes, a data recovery outfit that had come to their attention. I took my hard drive to Atomic Bytes, and found the proprietor, Mr. Ephraim Hirschberg, a warm, personable individual who takes his work very, very seriously. As a result of his 22 years specialized experience in data recovery and constant refinement of his own equipment, Mr. Hirschberg was able to retrieve my thousands of photos, and my documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

I highly commend, Mr. Hirschberg for his stubborn determination to succeed on behalf of any client who finds himself in a data loss situation.

– Dr. Laurence Sterne

I am an educator and a student who was faced with a catastrophe weeks before I was slated to graduate with my Master’s Degree. As I was typing some documents on my flash drive, it stopped working. I was in the process of assembling my portfolio when this occurred. I feared that all of my documents were lost forever. After a failed attempt to retrieve my documents by the Geek Squad, I was referred to Mr. Hirschberg. He willingly took me on as a client even though his schedule was full. He understood the importance and the urgency of my case and worked accordingly. Mr. Hirschberg kept in constant contact with me, keeping me abreast of all new developments regarding my case. I am grateful for the diligent work that he put in to my particular case. I would recommend Atomic Bytes and Mr. Hirschberg to anyone who needs their expertise. Their commitment to data recovery is outstanding, and incomparable. It was a pleasure doing business with this company.

– Kizzy K.Peltler

The Comp USA Store located on 56th street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan referred me to Atomic Bytes Systems to help recover files that they were unable to recover for me. In less than 12 hours not only were my files recovered, but my computer was also repaired 100% — thanks to Ephraim from Atomic Bytes Systems.

The price was extremely reasonable as he worked within my budget.

You’re a lifesaver and I greatly appreciate it!

– Bernard Smith, UA Marketing & Management

I wanted to write this letter to show my appreciation for sending me to Atomic Bytes to save the data from my laptop. Mr. Hirschberg was very professional, understanding and more than competent. His highly specialized skills saved my very important information, all of my critical law school documents and my personal documents. I do not know what I would have done without his help will definitely be recommending him to all of my family and friends!

– Vivien (Law Student)

This is a note testifying to service. I am a longtime customer and card carrying member of Circuit City. Recently, the hard drive of my Toshiba laptop crashed. I stood to lose a fair amount of material which, as a writer, I couldn’t afford to, so I quickly sought remedies. From an ad in the Yellow Pages I contacted a local data recovery service called RESCUECOM, and was not happy with their service. They came to my home at the wrong time, weren’t able to put in a full hour’s work, collected the full complement of $128 nonetheless, but left me with the vague diagnosis: my hard drive had experienced a physical, not logical error, and that the data I wanted could likely be recovered, but only at a “clean room,” and at a cost that would likely approach $2000. Most vexingly, they did not put me in contact with any such clean room, basically leaving me to fend for myself,$128 lighter than I had been. I’d purchased the computer at question at your 82nd and Broadway location a couple years before, and it was out of warranty. In the course of buying a new computer, one of your sales people/service technicians, Johann, recommended another local data recovery service:

  • 500A East 87th Street
  • 212 249 9888.

I called ATOMIC BYTES the following day, and dropped off my computer later that afternoon. I found the service technician open and personable. Most important, he made my problem his problem, assuring me that he would recover of the data I wanted or no charge. The following morning he called me to say that he had succeeded. He had all the data at question, and at a charge in keeping with the amount we’d discussed the previous day. What could have been a potential long-term frustration involving FedEx’s and phone calls, comparison shopping and negotiation, had been solved in less than 24 hrs.

On that account, I wanted to thank Circuit City for their help in guiding me to ATOMIC BYTES, and to recommend you continue steering customers in their direction. Service was speedy, cost was reasonable, and most important, as I say, I they took on my problem as their own and fixed it. So please make a note of this satisfied customer.

– Brooks Hansen

I am extremely pleased with the service at Atomic Bytes. I was in desperate need of data recovery and the Geek Squad at Best Buy could not help. They recommended Atomic Bytes as the best Data Recovery company in the city and they were right. I traveled all the way from Brooklyn because I needed the assurance of brightly experienced and competent personnel to handle my most important documents. In spite of the fact that I had used the computer since the accident and unwittingly made things worse, ALL MY DATA WAS RECOVERED! I am relieved and excited that my critical documents were saved. I would recommend Atomic Bytes to anyone who asked about skilled, reliable data recovery at a reasonable price and timely manner!

– Alean Bacquie Vaughn, Brooklyn, NY

I am providing you with an endorsement with the understanding my full name and/or address will not appear on any of your publicity materials. You may, however, reproduce the following statement, in whole or in part, for publicity purposes in connection with Atomic Bytes: “I recently upgraded my operating system from Windows ME to Windows XP and reinstalled all my applications, but then discovered that I couldn’t restore my data files because they were saved in a Microsoft Backup format that is incompatible with XP. Microsoft offered no support. I then consulted six friends and data recovery specialists who couldn’t help me. You recovered the data overnight. You’re a lifesaver.

– S. Ellison, Brooklyn, New York

I am a translator of operas into three languages; I have till now done over 140 operas on my computers and throughout the years several problems have arisen in my machines that I simply could not solve. I called Ephraim Hirshberg, of Atomic Byte Systems for help. He came to my home and within a few hours had solved my situation, installing more memory, outside hard drives, recovering documents and in short, putting my systems back into perfect operating condition. He is an affable, most helpful gentleman and his expertise is truly astonishing. Thank you, Ephraim!

– Nico Castel (Metropolitan Opera)

I cannot thank you enough for retrieving my information so quickly. I almost had a heart attack when my USB port failed to be recognized by the computer. As you know, there was a lot of essential information, including my thesis and the application for my thesis on the drive. I made a few calls and visits to a number of stores however, their attitudes were bleak on my case and their fees were pretty outlandish. I was also hesitant to mail the USB port someplace without even knowing the person. As someone who is technologically challenged, I did not know if mailing the information would inhibit the retrieval process. Thank goodness someone at Geeksquad had your card. You were so kind on the phone and put my mind at ease. I really appreciate how well you took care of me and retrieved my data so quickly. I also appreciate your reasonable fees. As a student, finances can be tough and I thank you for not taking advantage of the situation, considering how important the data was. Once again thank you so much. I plan to tell the University they should keep your name and number handy. Thanks so much again.

– Rachel E. Gleicher

My wife and I wanted to thank you once again for recovering the priceless videos and pictures we took during our baby’s birth and during his first week of life. I cannot describe our sadness when our computer’s main drive crashed without having had a chance to back up those precious files on an external hard drive. Several attempts to recover these files proved unsuccessful: we took our computer to the Geek Squad at Best Buy but they were not able to salvage the data; we also approached a recommended source but this company also failed to retrieve the images for us. Finally, we heard about Atomic Bytes and Ephraim was able to miraculously get back the files that we had assumed lost forever. Thanks Ephraim!

– Erich Braun, NY

I am a second year law student, and all my school information is on my laptop. My computer crashed four days before my finals started. All my information was lost! I panicked! I went to Best Buy with the hope that they could fix my computer, or at least retrieve my school information. However, I was told by the Geek Squad in Best Buy that my hard drive was damaged and that my best bet was a data recovery service. They Recommended Ephraim Hirshberg of Atomic Bytes. I immediately called him and came over his office. I was desperate! Every minute that I did not have my study materials counted!

Mr. Hirshberg explained the technique that he will be using and assured me that he will address my issue immediately. In addition, he updated me on the progress during the day. Most importantly, since time was of an essence, I received ALL my documents in less than 24 hours!

I highly recommend Atomic Bytes services for a fast, efficient and reliable service.

Thank you Atomic Bytes!

– Alina Weiss, Law Student at Cardozo Law School

I would like to thank you for recovering almost all my data, more than 200 gigs, from my corrupted external drive. You responded immediately and completed the work, which was enormous, in three days. This material is very important to me and I am grateful for you professional expertise and patience in explaining what was involved. I needed this material for an exhibition that I am curating of the paintings of my father, who is 92 years old. I could not have completed this exhibition with the material you recovered.

I would be happy to recommend your services.

– Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett

I found sherlockdatareoovery.com on-line in my search for a reputable data recovery service to extract information from my broken external bard drive. Upon discussing in great detail over the phone about my situation, I felt that Ephraim’s qualifications and experience was the deciding factor to work with him. He was extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. There is no guarantee with anything but I was very confident that I would be in good hands.

Turn-around time was extremely efficient with a very positive outcome.

Hopefully I will not have to call him again in regards to this matter but if the need arises I know who to contact.

He also does computer repair and based on my recent experience, I will certainly give him a call to handle any problems that I might have.

I will certainly refer him to personal / business associates.

– Lambert G. Belandres, Stickhead Media LLC, VP Operations &. Promotions