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eForensics, Digital Forensics, eDiscovery all revolve around the process of finding information (resident on digital media) that can be certified as evidence in a criminal, civil or corporate investigation.

Data Recovery can be an important step in the eForensics process. When the media being investigated is rendered inaccessible (e.g. accidentally or intentionally damaged or corrupted) or the number of media is large (e.g. 1000 tapes) or the data is stored on old technology, professional in-lab data recovery/media restore is often required. Providing access to the data on the problem media is where Sherlock Data Recovery Services can help.

Unlike many data recovery companies, we do not claim to be experts in forensics; we do however understand and actively support eForensics. A lot of law enforcement, legal and corporate investigators rely on Sherlock Data Recovery Services when they need data recovery in the course of discovery.

Our objective is to make data accessible and usable as much as possible. We also provide chain-of-custody support based on our methodology. We leave the actual forensics work to our customers who are eForensics experts.

Electronic Discovery Cost cutting:

Sherlock Data Recovery Services’ experience ranges from the most straightforward and basic to the most complex. Initially over the phone, our highly trained experts will be able to listen to your situation and requirements. Then they will give you advice on how to proceed and how our service may be of help.

We apply the latest techniques for removing duplication of data across all known file formats as well as database mining techniques designed to interactively drill down only those folders that need be recovered, leaving out many folders containing irrelevant data and thereby saving costs of Electronic Discovery and computer forensic recovery.
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