Database Recovery

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Data stored in SQL Server, Oracle, SyBase, My Sql Server, Exchange Server, Microsoft Access and other databases maintained on networked Fileservers. Relational and object database management technologies are fundamental to modern IT systems, often underpinning the lifeblood applications run by the entire corporation.

Examples of Data Loss Situations SQL, Oracle RDBMS Databases

Naturally, the individual media in database Servers suffer from the same failure points as do drives in personal computers and workstations.

Experienced System Administrators and DBAs know that a relational or object oriented database environment is fragile unless supported by comprehensive and well-tested backups. Unfortunately, it is all too common for devices to become corrupt beyond the scope of routine recovery methods. Failures still occur in even the most well-configured system with critical problems such as:

  • Backup files not recognizable by database engine
  • Database files are locked preventing access
  • Deleted or dropped tables
  • Accidentally deleted records
  • Corrupted database files and devices
  • Damaged individual data pages
  • Accidentally overwritten database files and devices

Our Recovery Process for Databases and Exchange Services

Sherlock Data Recovery Services’ lab technicians treat Database loss situations as high priority cases. An initial diagnosis determines whether each media device is accessible to our lab equipment. If so, the first priority is to create a raw image of all data from accessible media onto Sherlock Data Recovery Services media so that the database devices and tables can be accessed. If hardware problems or operating system configuration problems have rendered the basic data tables inaccessible or damaged, then our technicians proceed just as they would for a Server / RAID Data Recovery Services.

Sherlock Data Recovery Services Data Recovery Sherlock Data Recovery Services experts can then analyze the contents of the raw sector images to identify the tables and records containing your desired data. This data can then be extracted and the entire database rebuilt, if necessary.

Normal system maintenance routines are unable to recover all data in situations where underlying media failure or structural corruption has eliminated key pointers; indeed those routines will often exacerbate the damage.

Sherlock Data Recovery Services’ programmers have created a full set of database level and system level software tools used by our technicians to analyze, fix and recover data from relational and object database systems. Once a recovery has been successfully performed, files, databases, users, triggers, procedures, indexes, and table lists are created and data validity is checked and system parameter files are restored to sane values if possible.

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Turn-Around Time For a Database and Exchange Server Database/Server recovery

Your time is always important for us! Sherlock Data Recovery Services has dedicated its entire service to recover your data as fast as possible. When dealing with such a wide variety of problems, estimating time before the problem is diagnosed can be difficult. That is why, each recovery case starts with an evaluation.

The evaluation begins immediately on receipt of the media. Generally, it takes us 2 to 24 hours to complete it. The process involves several hours of work and testing. (Mirroring alone may take up to 24 hours of computer time with extensive re-tries for badly damaged devices).

Complete turn-around time, including analysis and recovery, is usually between 1 to 5 days. Some severe cases can take considerably more time.

Our hours of operation are 9am to 7pm EST Monday to Saturday. If you have an emergency situation, we have technical staff on call for weekends and after hours in all locations.

Time estimates are based on procedures and expertise required to recover the data and or if possible the database(s) you need. You are not charged by the hour. A firm quote is provided for your approval following the evaluation.

Our Recovery Capabilities and Types of Databases We Recover

RDBMS (Relational Database management Systems) Relational Databases

Microsoft SQL Server 6.0, 6.5, 7.0 & 2000,
Oracle Lite, Oracle 7.x, 8.x ,8i.x ,9i.x,10g
Sybase SQL Server, Sybase SQL Anywhere,
Gupta SQL Anywhere,

Standard Office Databases

Microsoft Access up to 2003,
All xbase products such as dbase, Foxpro

Productivity Applications

Microsoft Office, including all versions of Word, Excel & Powerpoint

Mail Server and Client Applications

Microsoft Exchange & Outlook
Lotus Notes

Eudora up to version 7
TheBat up to version 3.64
Applications conforming to the Unix mbox format such as Eudora and Netscape and Ritlabs TheBat.

Preserving your Warranty

Sherlock Data Recovery Services has established agreements with most manufacturers regarding preserving warranty during data recovery service. Please inquire whether or not your manufacturer is included in this agreement.

If the seals on a media must be broken in order to extract data, Sherlock Data Recovery Services will re-seal the media upon completion of service with a tamper resistant sticker, which the manufacturer will accept for warranty purposes. You will also receive an invoice receipt to indicate you have pursued data recovery services with Sherlock Data Recovery Services.

When in doubt, inquire with the manufacturer about keeping your warranty before pursuing data recovery.