Computer Repair Services

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Computer Repair & Virus Removal Based in New York, New York

Keep your computers running at their best with the help of On Line Computer, Laptop Service and Repairs. We offer complete computer repair work including virus removal and data recovery services. Contact us in New York, New York, to receive more details.

Full-Service Repairs

When your computer is having problems, bring it to our computer service for effective solutions. We are able to service, upgrade, and repair systems of all kinds. Our team installs programs, fixes glitches, removes viruses, and adds security umbrellas to keep your computer from being compromised.

 Our Specializations

On Line Computer, Laptop Service and Repairs specializes in installing and implementing graphics applications including Adobe™ products. We also build networks and servers. Plus, we’re able to fix corrupted email programs such as Microsoft Outlook™ and do data recovery for specially made computers including those used for medical preparations.

Forensic Work

On Line Computer, Laptop Service and Repairs also does computer forensic work. We work with attorneys with chain of custody formsmaking copies of all the information they want on non-changeable media as evidence. Our services ensure that all data, including text and images, are preserved for all parties involved.

Cellphone Repair Services
Cellphone Unlocking Services, LCD Replacement/Repair Services, Cellphone Parts Replacements, Cellphone Reprogramming Services, Openlining Cellphone Services, Cellphone Screen Repair and Replacement, Cellphone’s Hardware and Software Repair, Cellphone Upgrade Services, Cellphone Camera Repair Service, Mobile Phone Lens and Touch Screen Digitizer Repair Service, Mobile Phone Battery Fitting Service, Mobile Phone Battery Connector Repair Service, Mobile Phone Buzzer / Vibrating Motor Repair Service, Mobile Phone Charging Port Repair Service, Mobile Phone Housing Replacement Service, Mobile Phone Joystick Repair/Replacement Services, Mobile Phone Power Switch Repair/Replacement Service, Mobile Phone Microphone Repair/Replacement Service, Mobile Phone Speaker & Earpiece Repair/Replacement Service, Mobile Phone Slider Repair/Replacement Service.

Cellphone Brands
Blackberry, Sony Mobile, Lenovo, TCL (Alcatel Mobile Phones), Huawei, LG Mobiles, ZTE, Apple, Nokia, Samsung Mobiles

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