Cell Phone Detective

Most importantly is the ability to retrieve any type of deleted files like text massages, phone numbers, voice conversations, deleted photos, and videos. All social media deleted communications like facebook, instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter and many others.

  • Perfect tool for sharing information with colleagues and coworkers, enabling easy access to evidence collected
  • Extract and analyze data from mobile devices, their backups, cloud services and call data records

We Service ANY kind of Cell Phone


Windows Phone Cloud

Most smartphone users backup their contacts, messages, applications, settings, files etc. on the cloud. The Windows Phone platform offers its own cloud storage which Sherlock Data Recovery can extract.

Web Browsers

Sherlock Data Recovery offers support with all major Web browsers on various operating systems.


A device’s usage in sorted in one list referred to as a Timeline. It organizes all data and activity in a chronological fashion making it easier to track.

SQLite Viewer

An SQLite Viewer allows for the exploration of database files with the following extensions: .sqlite, .sqlite3, .sqlitedb, .db, .db3. Sherlock Data Recovery has the means of gaining access to all data stored in such databases regardless of whether they were deleted or not.


Sherlock Data Recovery can detect spyware covertly installed on most devices. By processing their logs and configuration files, such spyware can be effectively combated.

Social Graph

A Social Graph visualizes the complex relationships inside various user groups. By reviewing these connections between users, common interrelationships can be ascertained.

Skype & Messengers

Sherlock Data Recovery can offer support for a plethora of messaging apps such as Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and more.

Screen Lock Disabler

With locked devices being a common recovery issue, Sherlock Data Recovery is at the forefront in digital recovery methods to access even the toughest of cases.


Reports are critical in the field of data recovery. Creating, exporting, filing and printing reports highlighting the data recovery process allows for transparency in credibility in the work.

Plist Viewer

Plist files are Property List XML Files which contain a host of relevant recovery information specific to Apple devices. Browser history, settings, cookies, etc. can all be extracted from .plist files.


The Phonebook is essentially an address book housing a user’s contacts with all the relevant data such as name, websites, phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc. Depending on the device, it is possible for recovery services to retrieve relevant information stored in the phonebook.


Passwords are used to login to devices, storage and databases. These passwords are stored in applications files which can be recovered.

Oxygen Forensic® Maps

Oxygen Forensic® Maps acquires GPS coordinates from all possible sources such as phones, tablets, computers, cloud storage, media cards, and imported images. The data can then be reviewed both online and off by the experts during the recovery process.


Sherlock Data Recovery can access popular Navigation software to highlight searches, routes, and points of interest called on the device.


Messages contain all of a user’s emails, texts, and messages. Sherlock Data Recovery can recover deleted messages on most devices.

Locked devices acquisition

Sherlock Data Recovery offers the means to recover most locked devices. This system can be used on many of the latest models and operating systems.

Links and Stats

Links and Stats offer a convenient method of exploring social connections between users by analyzing various activity such as phone calls, text and email messages, and application use. This will allow for thorough investigation of any user’s social connections.

Key Evidence

Key Evidence offers an overall view of the evidence marked as essential by recovery experts. The trained experts at Sherlock Data Recovery can tag certain activity as essential while reviewing all regardless of original location.

iTunes Backup

iTunes backup found is often found on tampered computers due to the popularity of Apple devices. Sherlock Data Recovery can extract such data from the iTunes backup files.

Global Search

Every section of a device can be explored using global search. This includes, messages, application use, IPS addresses, GPS coordinates, etc.

Geo Locations

Geo Locations reveal the visited places a user goes. Recovery experts are able to ascertain where and when wifi connection was utilized and determine location accordingly.

File Browser

A File Browser is a powerful resource to access and analyze everything from photos and documents to the code used to view and store their properties.

Event log

The Event Log contains user’s information pertaining to a user’s phone calls. Recovering deleted call information is available for certain devices.

Encrypted backups

Sherlock Data Recovery can decrypt passwords and encrypt backup files and images.


All the words entered in a device message, note or calendar can be found in the dictionaries. It is important to note, these are not traditional dictionaries. Instead, they have the unique words typed in by the user on the device.

Device Information

Device information displays complete technical information about the device such as manufacturer, model, platform, serial number, phone number and any other specific data.

Data Viewers

Various data viewers help recovery experts analyze extracted data such as with HEX, HTML, SQLite, Plist and various picture, music, video, and text viewers.

Data Scout

Data Scout recovers subscriber information from an extracted phone number. It interacts with other services to gather data from collected phone numbers.

Cloud Data Extraction

Sherlock Data Recovery can recover data from several cloud storages such as OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox as well as from various social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Chinese Devices

Sherlock Data Recovery can bypass screen lock passwords while creating full physical dumps from Chinese chipset devices.

Call Data Records

Sherlock Data Recovery can analyze the various CDR files with all the format and layouts provided by mobile service providers.

Calendar & Tasks

Calendar and Tasks display a user’s notes, tasks, and calendar entries. The various features and sections will depend on the model of device.

BlackBerry Backups

Sherlock Data Recovery is able to extract and backup the BBB and IPD files made with the Blackberry Desktop Manager. These files can often be discovered on the computer itself.

Backups Import

Sherlock Data Recovery can import and extract data from various backup and image files created by the device’s sync software.


Sherlock Data Recovery can recover and decrypt all vital application data from devices running iOS, Android OS, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone 8 Operating Systems.

Android Rooting

Sherlock Data Recovery can retrieve a complete set of user data on any device using an Android Operating System.

Aggregated Contacts

Sherlock Data Recovery can analyze contacts from an array of various sources and group them together in one meta-contact file.