Apple Mac Recovery

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If you’ve lost your important data due to a hard drive crash, virus or any other malware, we can most likely restore that data like it was never erased. We provide the latest data recovery technique and capability in Apple data recovery, and we support both versions of the Hierarchical File System; HFS and HFS+. The same no data-no charge guarantee, which we offer on PC hard drives, also applies to Apple Mac, Powerbook and Xserve systems. Many companies say they can recover data from Apple computers, but most of them outsource their work. We actually utilize several different Apple recovery methods. A drive that can’t be recovered when using one method may be perfectly recoverable using another. We can recover data from any Apple computer, using just about any Apple Operating System (OS) including:

  • OS 8.0
  • OS 8.1
  • OS 8.5
  • OS 8.5.1
  • OS 8.6
  • OS 9.0
  • OS 9.0.2
  • OS 9.0.3
  • OS 9.0.4
  • OS 9.1
  • OS 9.2
  • OS 9.2.1
  • OS 9.2.2
  • OS X v10.0 (Cheetah)
  • OS X v10.1 (Puma)
  • OS X v10.2 (Jaguar)
  • OS X v10.3 (Panther)
  • OS X v10.4 (Tiger)
  • OS X v10.5 (Leopard)

If your Apple hard drive or Xserve RAID disk has suffered a mechanical failure, there is still a good chance of recovering your data successfully. In most cases, a physically failed hard drive is a result of either an electronics failure or a head failure. We don’t get your drive functioning to the point that you could use it again, we simply get it operational so that we can pull a good image of the raw data contained on the drive. Once we have that image, we then perform our recovery operation and restore the data onto the media of your choice.

Recovery Process

Each recovery case begins with a free evaluation in order to determine the potential for retrieval and to provide a firm price-quote for your review. The initial diagnosis determines whether the media is accessible to our lab equipment. If so, the first priority is to create a raw image of the data on Sherlock Data Recovery Services media. This is a way for the logical analysis to determine the nature of the situation. If the media is inaccessible, our facilities will test the components and closely examine its internal health to determine the extent of physical damage. Recovery of crashed hard disks often involves replacing failed or damaged components in a clean environment. We use specialized hardware and software tools to create the raw image. Failed components typically include electronics, read/write heads, head assemblies, magnets and drive motors.

Logical recovery uses the raw image by examining the low-level data sectors and determining what fixes on the filesystem structures are needed to get access to the important data. Sometimes the existing filesystem structures are missing or damaged, so much that the data has to be extracted directly from one or more fragments of the raw image.

Sherlock Data Recovery Services’ programmers have created a full set of software tools used by our experts to analyze, fix, and recover data from raw images of all operating systems. Once a recovery has been successfully performed, file lists are created and data validity is checked.

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Turn-Around Data Recovery Time

Sherlock Data Recovery Services has geared its entire service to recover your data as fast as possible. When dealing with such a wide variety of problems, estimating time before the problem is diagnosed can be difficult. That is why each recovery case starts with an evaluation.

The evaluation begins immediately on receipt of the media. Generally, it takes us 2 to 24 hours to complete it. The process involves several hours of work and testing. (Mirroring alone may take up to 24 hours of computer time with extensive re-tries for badly damaged devices).

Complete turn-around time, including analysis and recovery, is usually between 1 to 5 days. Some severe cases can take considerably more time.

Our hours of operation are 9am to 7pm EST Monday to Saturday (All facilities). If you have an emergency situation, we have technical staff on call for weekends and after hours in all locations.

Call (800) 267-4712 or in New York (212) 249-9888 or in Pennsylvania (800) 267-4712

Time estimates are based on procedures and expertise required to recover the data you need. You are not charged by the hour. A firm quote is provided for your approval following the evaluation.

Preserving your Warranty

Sherlock Data Recovery Services has established agreements with most manufacturers regarding preserving warranty during data recovery service. Please inquire whether or not your manufacturer is included in this agreement.

If the seals on a media must be broken in order to extract data, Sherlock Data Recovery Services will re-seal the media upon completion of service with a tamper resistant sticker, which the manufacturer will accept for warranty purposes. You will also receive an invoice receipt to indicate you have pursued data recovery services with Sherlock Data Recovery Services.

When in doubt, inquire with the manufacturer about keeping your warranty before pursuing data recovery.